Sunday Funny: Shakespeare’s Swine

A very talented writer, of Shiteki Na Usagi , mentioned a must-see video. OOOOhhh, she’s absolutely right, totally worth your time.

You’ve never heard the THREE LITTLE PIGS like this!



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17 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: Shakespeare’s Swine

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  2. Dear Roxie,
    This was so-o-ooo funny. Thanks for sharing it. Celebrate you and your great sense of humor and John Branyan, the storyteller’s humor, too.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  3. So very fine, Shakespeare’s Swine, dear friend of mine! I am replete, your post sublime. I love Willy, I love words and I love humor. You’ve filled me up today Roxie! Thank you, still laughing out loud!

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