Top Twos-Day: Make it a double!

my daughter's baby shower...

A day late and a dollar short? Make it two! Very short on both time and papery things these days. 😉

I’m tardy, guilty as charged, but I’ve been bizy, hear the whining? Though good busy, for sure.

Preparing, oh yeah, for my daughter’s baby shower, a week ago Sunday, despite the torrential rain and wind. She wanted a high tea, pictured above, and what my little girl wants, she gets, LOL. Hard to believe she’s now a mom-to-be.

shower guest's gifts

And then there’s the meetings, oh my! Lawyers, web designers, authors, and others, to set up the publishing company. Plus the upcoming prep for the SCWW conference in a little over a week. Join us, if you’re in the area: register here.

Onward, to the two items of interest this week, which we can call Top Thursday, hmmm… doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

Here we go: Still the biggest news to cross my desk in the last eight or so days, O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference for Publishing (TOC) will sadly come to an end. Tim O’Reilly stated in his column, “For the past few years, we’ve been focusing on development of a platform code-named Atlas, and bringing that to fruition is central to our future plans. Atlas is a tool for collaborative writing (currently being used by authors of about two-thirds of the books in our pipeline), one-touch publishing in all formats (including print-on-demand), and an interactive online reading platform that takes full advantage of the digital realm.” Ahhh, so that’s what’s up their sleeve!

Also in the news: ta da… publishing company’s site is up, though we’re still modifying and constructing it! Our name is Sunscribe™. Come over for a quick preview and then we’d love to have you stop back for the official opening of submissions: I’ll keep you posted at The team pictures are not up yet, more fun than herding cats, gathering those bios and pics! So, *deep sigh* much to look forward to. We are proudly Forward Focused on Facebook and Twitter, stop by and say “hi”!

More Top Twos-Days…

Just one more picture, before you go…

high tea baby shower


22 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: Make it a double!

  1. aloha Roxie. wow. bizy means. yeah, wow. multiple congratulations. having a granddaughter should make scheduling a breeze i’d suspect. let the winds of rhyme make time. and have fun. exciting all the way around—a double birthing with Sunscribe. way cool. aloha.

  2. Oh your daughter is quite lovely (Does that sound formal/British enough? It is a high tea – must stay in character.) Charming scene.
    Congrats on all the babes: daughter, new baby and Sunscribe!
    Love the Sunscribe layout.

    • Entirely Brit, Phil! As I sip my coffee this a.m. I’m so very thankful for all things new in my life!
      glad you like the layout, we’re reworking our logo, should be ready by the end of next week 🙂

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