Sunday Funny: Happy (or not) Mother’s Day!

Niki at baby shower

As my family awaits the first grandbaby, I think about my daughter and her future Mother’s Day gifts…I extend this to all moms, tongue in cheek, of course!

Need a  last minute gift? “Wrap an empty box as a present, with a note inside that says, ‘Fill me, please.’”  Details…

The cards you wish you could give, “Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-Law…Here’s to another year of fake smiles, passive-aggression, and barely tolerating one another.” Not that this suits anyone you know. More cards…

What you’re likely getting for Mother’s Day, from the family, “…age 12-17, aggressive indifference…” How about some suggestions for moms with rebound kids, taking a page from literature, “Hamlet’s Gertrude: Take [thy] clingy son out of [thine] house…” Read more…

In closing, the final word comes from Bridget, mother of two sets of twins, with her excellent post on what not to give on this special day for moms…

Happy Mom’s Day!

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    1. right? this is amazing, and what Claire added, I do believe we can change the focus of Mother’s Day to the sentiment it was intended to represent!
      Phil, I hope you Mother’s Day was grand!

  1. OMGosh , Rosie,
    The ‘fill me’ box is excellent!! Just before we moved to wonderful South Carolina, my husband and I cleared out our attic and filled individual ‘brown grocery bags’ for our grown children, with countless items acquired through the years.
    How fun it was to have them for dinner, watch their expressions, hear their exclamations, over family-dancing-soccer pictures, drawings-colorings-paintings-handprints, many report cards, essays, scholastic and academic awards, their newspaper clippings, loving handwritten cards along with their many notes of apology, as well as handcrafted gifts for different holidays, and the numerous handmade Christmas ornaments.
    It has been as much fun to see the reactions of the grandkids over their parents’ keepsakes, as it was to see the warmth in our children’s faces and voices, that we kept those keepsakes for so many years.
    How incredibly rare it is to have those moments where we get to glimpse the ghosts of those little children once again flitter across their eyes and faces and hear them squeal in that old-time joy at the wondrous gifts – – – given all over again!
    Thank you so much for bringing up this memory – it has warmed my heart.

    1. awesome, Claire! your story resonates with so many moms, and the ‘new’ generation who pay it forward. yay, I”m so glad you could see their faces and experience the joy of giving them that much pleasure!
      I think you may have sparked many to carry on this ‘new’ tradition!
      really appreciate sharing those memories, Claire!
      HUGS!!! my sweet friend!

    1. Hey mamabeana, gosh, I hope you were able to relax and kick back a bit, and the girls waited on your every need and desire! Happy Mother’s Day dear friend!

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