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The first unofficial day back from vacation…and I’m totally rejuvenated. Undaunted, as I look around at the piles of snail mail, receipts and miscellaneous other papers on my desk, I shrug them off to plunge into writing. The past twelve days have had a positive impact on my mind, spirit and soul, not to mention my muse.

I’m renewing my commitment to myself to write 500 words a day. That’s an obtainable goal, at this point, as I launch a publishing company, assist my daughter and son-in-law readying their nursery for my first grandchild, and maintain my numerous other daily personal objectives: yoga, meditating, etc.  You do see my tongue in my cheek, right?

Though now that I’ve said it, I’ll find every challenge imaginable tumbling across my path. Cause when I share something aloud, obstacles somersault toward me.  Ever had that happen?

It took a great deal longer for me to unwind this time. By day three, I’d stopped checking my messages hourly, and by day five I hit a new routine, which did not include answering email. Okay, the occasional communication demanded my attention, however, I found my mind wandering and wondering about my surroundings, not my unchecked mental to-do-list.

I particularly enjoyed our beach front location, and began watching the wildlife scattered along the coast, Palmetto treetops and wild floral, as they danced and waved their welcome. The ocean swayed as the chilly May temperatures, from overnight rain, deterred bathers. Not a jellyfish littered the shoreline, although joggers were scattered among shell scavengers. Pelicans and seagulls both swooped and dove for visible sand-coated treasures, while grackles and mockingbirds exchanged melodies and obscenities.

The neighboring residents were few, one lady frequented her bungalow to refresh her beverage, re-secure her graying wind-blown pony-tailed hair, add snacks to the tray and I assume spritz on more perfume. Every time her sliding door glided open, I could catch an echo of rum, coconut, Red Door and popcorn. Yes, popcorn!

A loud yellow dish towel shields the popcorn as the bowl nestles on her bamboo tray, three tumblers jingle as she flip-flops her way toward the sand, and her awaiting entourage.

Two whiskered sunbathers greet her with a cheek kiss, and then clink glasses together, sipping and laughing as she settles into her lounger. To me, people watching is wild-life, and I’m always fascinated, pondering answers as questions volley in my mind.

I watch. The grackles tug at a scrap, perhaps bread, breaking the chunk into bits. Starlings flock. The mockingbirds wing higher, and observe the clambering below. There’s a somberness in the air, and then one mockingbird, followed by two others, screech and sneer. Laughter builds inside me, but I don’t let it escape, for fear of startling them, parallel to me, and less than three yards away.

Slowly, I turn toward the wasps’ comb above me, on the deck beam marking the overhead balcony. I’m glad we have all three floors, to view what’s creeping underneath each level. The mockingbirds settle to volleying squawks, and I turn my interest back to the shoreline.

My neighbor is on the move, each hand intertwine fingers with her companions. They stumble toward the incoming current. She trips, and they lift her, like a mannequin, hoisting her upright and continuing. Their toes meet tide, and I watch as behind their backs the seagulls scatter the popcorn and feast. 





  1. I didn’t welcome you back in the previous comment. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to actually relax and unwind (I guess I should say, allowed it to happen, lol) You do sound rejuvenated. More to the point – on point! A great feeling! I think you’re going to accomplish a great deal over the next several months. Just a gut feeling Roxie, but I’m pretty good about those things. Your written words here are indicative of the creative flow you’re in right now! So welcome back Roxie! 🙂

    1. oh you are super sweet, Penny!
      Yes, rejuvenated and on point, LOL. But wouldn’t mind another vacay, hehhe. Gotta wait till December for that.
      Sleeves rolled up and ready to go 😆

  2. You had me at ‘The first unofficial day back from vacation…’ Sounds like the beginning of a captivating book to me! Good to have you back and am happy you had a wonderful week and well-deserved rest.

  3. I am so pleased that you had a great time Roxie. I hope the mockingbirds did not teach you too many obscenities 😉 Welcome home my friend. Ralph xox 😀

  4. Vacations are fun (sometimes). We just got back from a week in sunny Colorado. Terrible (delayed) flight back, with the added benefit of a kid kicking my seat for three and a half hours. Talking to the “mother” didn’t help.Good luck on your writing venture. I managed to write a few haiku in my spare time in CO. Here’s one I just thought of for you…

    Write five hundred words
    Putting thoughts down on paper
    Ideas abound.

  5. Relaxed just reading your vacation description. It does take some time to let go and really relax.
    You sound refreshed – promise to write – and then do stuff ( OK daughter and nursery can intrude…and the yoga/meditation – but that’s it. The yoga will help with the rest…rest of stuff and actual real “rest”…)
    Ah, still experiencing the beach ….tiptoeing out so you can, too.

  6. Sounds like a great vacation – welcome back! I love how you describe all the sights, sounds, and scents so that I could go along on a mini-vacation for a few minutes. Funny that she had two whiskered companions. It made me wonder what the story was behind that. 🙂

    1. Hey Sheila!
      Thank you, it’s good to be back! I’m so glad you were on a vacation via the story…oh yes, why indeed did she have two whiskered companions…

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