Top TwosDay: Everybody’s Talking

Everybody is Talking

Conversations continue about the topic of self-publishing, editors, and when a manuscript is “ready”. Read successful self-pubber Hugh Howey’s interesting take in Publishing Perspectives latest issue…

In a joint venture with Amazon’s Kindle network, Houghton Mifflin’s Mariner Books agreed to publish Oliver Pötzsch’s Hangman’s Daughter series, topping the charts at 1 million books sold! Catch the details of this extraordinary pairing at Media Bistro’s AppNewser…

Bonus: a third attention grabber this week – “Snaps” B & N’s singles on Nook, the hottest trend here and in Europe. In the category of catching up to market demands, the eBook publishers (of which I am now one, full disclosure) are playing in an ever-changing marketplace. More…

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