The Waiting is Not The Hardest Part!

Shower Picture
another pic from the baby shower… r. l. hanna, all rights reserved, 2013.

By now I was hoping to give y’all an update on the cutie that is my granddaughter. But no, she’s not chosen her birth-date yet!

I’m out of my office, traveling daily to be with my daughter while we wait. Needless to say, I feel a bit out of sorts. Torn between the two, wanting the baby to hurry up and get here, and savoring the moments with my girl, just us, giggling and reminiscing together.

And then a searing pain brings us back to earth: the back labor is the most difficult thing I’ve witnessed as a mother. My daughter, immersed in the pain of parenthood. I can’t help her, I can’t relieve the hurt. The reality that there will be many moments like this sinks in, as I look into my mind’s eye, and imagine all the experiences she will encounter with her own daughter.

The cramp passes, and we start talking again, purposefully diverting our attention. I point to the nursery. “Looks good, sweetie.” We nod in agreement, “She’s got a fantastic looking room.”

The nursery, once a spare room, now houses white furniture, a new set of closet doors, ceiling fan, tiered curtains and braided throw rug. A mobile dances over the crib, which smartly converts to a twin bed when baby matures to toddler. Directly to the left is a tufted wooden rocker with footrest.

The bassinette, on wheels that lock, stands “pinked out” as are all the clothes, neatly tucked in drawers. Diapers line the closet, stuffed animals quietly perch on nearby shelves. Baskets stacked with books nestle, stories wait to be freed from their binding.

I glance at my daughter, “Tomorrow at this time, you should be holding little Sydney in your arms.” We grin and then she shudders.

Sensing her fear, I lean in to hug her. In a few hours, we will all go to the hospital for her to check in. The doctors are inducing labor, and we will spend this evening and the morning waiting.

We dry our dampened cheeks and I, doing my best to distract lead with, “Now that I’m considered a grandma, you know I have to plan my next meal. Old people do that.”

We roll back, laughing as I pull out my phone. Seriously, I am searching for a take-out place.  After all, doctor’s orders are, “Eat before you check into the hospital.” She must be a grandma. 🙂





  1. Roxie – I’m chiming in a bit late. Hope all is well with beautiful new baby girl who must be here by now, and with equally beautiful mommy and grandma! So happy for all of you!!

  2. Welcome to the world of “world’s best grandbaby” bragging, Roxie. You are in for some wonderful moments and very happy times. No Shuddering is the rule; your daughter will shudder in joy, though!

  3. Love the post! Still thinking good thoughts for you and yours and wiish that beautiful (guaranteed by looks of daughter and grandma) would get here. Much love!

  4. What a lovely post. Best wishes to you, your daughter, and the little one.

    And, now that you’re about to be a grandma, you’re gonna also have to learn how to keep the temperature in your house somewhere in the mid-to-high-80s. 🙂

  5. Thinking of you and sending positive energy and prayers! What an exciting time and being a grandma is pretty okay 🙂 Looking forward to pics of the little sweetie with her grandma.

  6. Waiting along with you! (the doc was right about eating)
    Induced labor usually goes faster ( and can be more uncomfortable – trying to think of a non-scary word)
    Just keep those arms ready to hug and hold that little one!
    Sending energy and optimism!

  7. Hi Roxie, I sent comments regarding the baby wait and how often I was right there with you for the beautiful, darling, baby girl, but alas, it all disappeared. I also mentioned how my last son arrived a month early, for whom we were NOT ready, having just moved from California to Buffalo. Somehow, things worked out.

    I’m sure your new granddaughter will arrive when she’s ready, full of fun, sweetness and lots of cuddles. Meanwhile, perhaps I’ll learn how to work your blog and where on earth the password is.

    We depart Sunday for London, where our daughter lives, and will take two grandsons to Paris for a week. We’ll be gone six weeks (returning Aug. 14) while we make the rounds in London and other parts of England. You will be doing this sort of thing yourself with grandchildren, wanting to teach them about the world and it’s history. You’ll find it great fun.

    I have been working on a re-do of Chapter One and it has taken many hours. I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can send it to you and start packing.

    I also followed your thoughts about bringing in my family. My Rock Hill son and daughter in law read all seventeen chapters and felt it was the basic document for our family. Their suggestions were:

    To identify Rita’s important family members, a list I supplied you, I think Supply a history of Tahiti Supply a map of Tahiti Write a new final chapter Write a prologue regarding whether this is a memoir, that I tried to bring in different characters, the many hours I spent researching our grandfathers from all over the world.

    Since my husband is big on traveling now (“who knows where we’ll be next year ? … we’ve gotta travel while we can”) we will take one more trip, this time up north to attend a family reunion, visit our Buffalo friends, Niagara on the Lake, University of Toronto (his alma mater), take our long-ago Vietnamese student to dinner and finish at the home of Fitz’ brother (Alzheimers) in New York. We depart Aug. 24 and return about Sept. 7 or 8, so hopefully that will be in time for the big, Sunscribe Publishers official opening.

    I thank you for your patience and all your wonderful ideas. You are the greatest perfectionist! I hope we can jive and get a catchy title.

    Perhaps at this very moment a new darling is is making an entry. Do let me know when it happens!

    All the best, Roxanne, Pat Fitz

    1. HUGS Penny, love that, a few for me, yep wine isn’t enough tonight! LOL
      I’m sure the nurses will be glad to give me something to knock me outta the way!

  8. How exciting! Praying all goes well & quickly! It’s great being a grandma! So, like when are we going to do lunch? 😉 #gottaplanthatnextmeal #andgimmethatpickle!

      1. FOR REAL!!! 😉 Nothing like having a throw down over a pickle! haha but it sure gives us something to talk about!

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