Top Twos-Day: OPEN

Sydney at Grandma's September 2013

Some of you have kept up with the weird personal things occurring in my life…yet another event stacked up in the “should be a reality show” column last weekend: food poisoning! I ate some salad greens that bit me about 3:00 am Sunday morning. Oh yeah, poisoning myself, on the weekend of Friday the thirteenth, LOL.  Totally over and done with it, I move on. 🙂

Two things on my desk? Number One: Sydney. Yep, my granddaughter, with me four days a week, so her mom and dad can work and plan for her immediate future. She’s still struggling to gain weight, but she’s a darling lil angel with a person-ality already!  It’s been an interesting adjustment as I travel every day, over a hundred miles to pick her up, hang out in my office, then return her to her mother. *Yawn* our day begins at 4:30 am, and I am certain my ‘to-do’ list grows by the day.

Speaking of things to do, the second is an invitation: swing on by Sunscribe’s website and sound-off…like Uncle Sam, we want YOU! Well, your comments. Launching is just a skitter away, and we’d love to hear from you on our OPEN page. We’re establishing a forum for dialogue about all kinds of writing topics. A few surprises, too. What are you waiting for? Click and Comment!!!

Miss a Top Twos-Day? Me too…but you can catch others here.




  1. I’ve been here couple of times but got interrupted and didn’t get comment done – and I’m not near as busy as you!
    Sydney is one darling little angel!
    Try to get some rest in there somewhere.
    (wandering over to SunScribe before my attention wanders off….)

  2. Roxie! Stop doing those things, lol! Really though, I am sorry about your food poisoning, really icky stuff, that! Sydney is totally adorable! Good luck with SunScribe, I’m there with you all the way (and um, about the manuscript … work in progress? the dog ate my 10th draft? Okay it has turned into a challenge for me, Me, who likes challenges! Haven’t given up yet, set it aside for a spell and will be continuing shortly, I never give up!) Do, please take care of you. I know you’ll be taking good care of that little bundle of joy! 🙂 xx

  3. Dear Roxie,
    No wonder you missed a couple of Tuesdays, your days are full. I’m sure you wouldn’t trade any of the hours you get with Sydney. Do you have a date-time for The Launch? I admire you for going for it, and appreciate ALL the work, organization and talent needed to get Sunscribe off the ground and solar bound. Blessings, Barbara

  4. That is all so exciting, dearest Roxie. But you must be tired too, getting up at 4.30 am four days a week? I’m impressed and proud! The little is one is so sweet 🙂
    I hope you are over the food poisoning now, though I can’t imagine how you got it from salad? Stay healthy, stay your sweet and spicy self and good luck on SunScribe!! 😀

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