Top Twos-Day: Fire and Ice – Amazon and Self Publishers


cotton field

I’m holding my feet to the fire this week, meeting all attempting to meet my deadlines with this “new normal” schedule. One of those is to start blogging again. So here goes, two important publishing news items to cross my desk.

First, many are picking on Amazon, and I won’t say it’s not for good reason. Wait, double negatives are a terrible way to make a point. Let me try that again. Many are picking on Amazon, often for good reason. But you have to give them credit, money talks and theirs is making the rounds. The US Post Office has cut a deal to deliver packages for Amazon on Sundays, beginning in metropolitan areas, spreading to smaller demographics, over the next year. Want to know when your order will be delivered on Sunday? Read more… Oh, and here’s another Amazon first, allowing independent bookstores to team with them to sell Kindles. Did you hear about this? More … The scorecard: All Things Amazon = $$$$, so why are we not modeling our ideas after them?

Ice, Ice, Maybe?…As my area hunkers down for the first snow storm flakes of the season, I watch our newly adopted cat, yes another one found us, chow down. This one’s strictly outdoor, for now. His little house is outfitted with coziness, and our neighbor’s kitty often drops by the buffet table. My other neighbor collected all the cotton from the field yesterday, and I snapped this pic two days prior, knowing that it would disappear before our first frost.

Second item on the desk this week – cause I digress – The World of Indie. Now it used to be Indie meant Independent Publisher, Independent Bookstore, etc. Nowadays, indie might as well be a four-letter word: INDI as in self-published, for many take offense at the implication of a self-publisher. Not me, though. I say, more power to ya. But please do what you can to vet your work, send it out to beta readers, and get some professional advice, not your neighbor, family or co-workers, okay? Soap box moment, forgive me.

The term self-publisher, or Indie, is on the tongues of many, and here’s what’s new for those of you who are interested in cussing. Gatekeepers and conference panelists. The Alliance of Independent (see?) Publishers has an article daring to ask about gatekeepers – by Dan Holloway, poet and author. And over at Publishing Perspectives, discussion surrounds the controversial conference panelist’s issue, tackled by Porter Anderson.

That’s about it, I must do the southern thing and run to the store for bread and milk before the roads are impassable…. Ah, tradition must be carried on. 🙂



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  1. HI Roxie,
    It’s one year later on this Two-day/Tuesday word, but anyway:
    Thank you for the cotton ball picture. I love to see the fields when ripe but haven’t been able to this year.
    Amazon has been ‘good’ to me. I want to own up to that.
    I self-published with Thomas Max and can only say ‘good’ things about the experience. I did my checking with ‘good’ editing (smile) before going to them and they helped me all the way.
    Abireso, your life to you, Barbara

  2. Roxie,
    My first attempt at self-publishing was an unmitigated disaster and so I plan on doing things differently the second time around. Whenever I finish my second book, that is!
    Great post, by the way.

    1. I’m so sorry about that, Hook. I hate to hear about disasters and I wish you much success the next go round. BTW, Sunscribe will open for subs in January. I’ll post here, plus the website will have info.
      namaste my friend!

  3. HA! The rumors are true: you’re in high cotton. (Someone had to say it – great pix).Nice to see/read you again. The links were quite interesting. Indie is evolving – self publishing has been a shadowy space: good solid writing struggling to be seen among so much – well let’s just say your advice should be heeded by many.
    Hope you got all the supplies. It’s close to freezing here today – we’ve some left over from hurricane season (which we eat up once it’s past).
    (You can’t see it probably, but there was an ad under your post that was a giant shark with teeth…did they actually pick an image appropriate to the publishing industry? Accidental probably, but funny)

    1. LOL, Phil, yes rumor has it! indie is evolving and not necessarily for good.
      OMgosh how funneee a shark, no not planned at all though fate has it’s own humor!
      survived our few snow flakes and I hope all is well in your home.

  4. Glad to have you back, Roxie. I appreciate your comments about carefully vetting material to be self published. I’ve read some samples lately that I just couldn’t make myself buy because of the problems and mistakes beginning on page 1.
    The cotton field is great; it reminds me of Sally Field’s bleeding fingers in the movie PLACES IN THE HEART.

    1. you are so right, I’ve had the same experience. Putting a book down for any reason equates to a no-sale for the author next go-round.
      really? you’ve got a great memory, Places in the Heart, worth revisiting 🙂

  5. Welcome back, Roxie! Thanks for the cotton field image. Lovely. Did you have someone hold up the stalk in front? I love the detail–even a spider web is visible.

    Brace for the cold. Long live the southern tradition of rushing to the grocery store when snow is predicted.

    1. thanks, Linda! No, the shot is 100% natural, totally untouched. I angled to find just the right one, then snapped a bunch that day, probably over a dozen of the field, close up and distance. I wanted to capture the spider web…my new camera is awesome, makes me look like I can take pics, LOL!
      Yes, indeed, the store is bare, the workers are exhausted and the weatherfolks are laughing!

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