Sunday Funny: Wreck-o-vation

Now that the holidays are upon us, many of you may be thinking about upgrading your home for guests.
Specifically, the bathroom.
Beware: find your contractor at a reliable source, otherwise…
open door policy?

open door policy?





happy returns…

granter of giggles

special thanks and shoutout to  

SIR RALPH at Bluefish Way.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: Wreck-o-vation

    • Omgoodness, Hook! I do wish you much success. And remember, it all makes a great story, if it doesn’t work out well…plus you can sell the story and recoup some of your expenses!

    • Oh Marylin, you are soooo right! I can’t count the times we called a repairman and then discovered a bigger issue inside the wall or beneath the floor!!!
      The ARK was looking pretty good this past summer. Glad those flood renovations are a distant memory!

  1. Hi there!! Stopping by ,,, your kitty is almost the same as one I recently adopted. Still deciding on the name until today .. Double Trouble …
    🙂 … have a good one!!

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