Special Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving a day away, I am filled with awesome gratitude. My associates, editors, interns, teams and scores of people have propelled Sunscribe™ to the edge of our launch in January…and that’s barely a breath away! Not only am I excited, I am truly humbled at this opportunity!

We’d love you to stop by and see what’s happening on our networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Bēhance.

On our Facebook page, we’re looking at all those serious and not-so-seriuos issues, such as, “Should Public Libraries Have Cats?” What is your immediate reaction? Allergic? Awww how cute! fondly remembering Dewey? Do you know which 10 libraries have cats?

Join us on LinkedIn where we will announce freelance opportunities to partner with us: graphic designers, artists, illustrators, photographers, editors, and writers. Discover who’s in our artist spotlight and more by linking with us professionally to stay in the know!

We’re actively tweeting about all things publishing and more. Did you miss Charles Schulz’s birthday? Don’t miss the opportunity to tell us what you’re looking for in a publisher here. Follow us @SunscribePub to know when we begin counting down to open for submissions!

Into Pinterest? We’re there, with some unique boards, everything related to books, from tips for Teachers/Bloggers/Parents to Holiday Decorations For Book Clubs, from Stay in Bed and Read Kind of Day to Purses Roomy Enough to Hold Books, 35 Boards in all so far! On our Friends board, meet and give a shoutout to our Facebook Friend of the week, Laura M!

Over at Bēhance, we’re connecting with artists, illustrators and photographers. Visit often, we’ll post who we have an eye on as emerging talent. Interested in working with us? Stop by and message us!

Want the latest on our three imprints? Sign up for the updates where we’ll cover writing issues, editing dilemmas, agent questions, manuscripts submissions, and more. Subscribe to Sunscribe!

Many thanks to you, my friends and Happy Thanksgiving!! And cheers, as I celebrate our first with granddaughter, above, pictured with my lovely daughter…


  1. Dear Roxie,
    I am very excited about the launch of Sunscribe coming in January! Yee Haw for you and all those who are making this possible. I love the picture of your daughter and granddaughter! Beautiful people, just like you.

    1. LOL, Hook, don’t know how it happened, but they are kinda cute…must get it from the other side of the family, hehehe! Appreciate you hanging around here, you add class 🙂

    1. Thousand thanks, Linda, you are such a great friend! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! I hope you and your family had a wonderful time. 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the great people at Sunscribe, Roxie! This is such an exciting time for you and your team!

    1. you’re right, been quite a year! Ohhh, down the road, hmmmm…..
      Best Thanksgiving I’ve eveh *snap* had! Thanks, Phil, hope yours was too!

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