Top Twos-Day: The Judge did what with an EBook?

Keeping Watch

I’m a bit late in posting the return of Top Twos-Day, and I do want to say that this category is now stretching to include all my muses and interests, not just writing anymore.

But in keeping with the spirit of where my heart is at the moment, here’s this week’s take:

Judge Nelson Wolff of Bexar County Texas came up with an idea for those boring hours prospective jurors spend at the courthouse: an all-digital library. BiblioTech is grabbing the 21st century by their library cards and shifting the focus to paperless. First it was the card catalog, now it’s the card. Librarians are leading the way, but don’t call them a bookless library or they might remove their trifocals, drop their chignons and take your iPad away! More at Publishing Perspectives here…

Well, now it has happened. We’ve all joked about Big Brother watching us and knowing things even before we do. So what did y’all think would happen when you freely offered your information as metadata snacking nuggets? Amazon is breaking ground – in our minds: “Amazon has applied for a patent for what is calls, ‘anticipatory shipping,’ a form of shipping in which the retailer can send packages before you actually make a purchase.”  MediaBistro has the details…

Note, Fine print, Disclaimer: Please don’t email me that I’m
stereotyping lovely librarians, whom I greatly respect. I promise some of my
best friends are media specialists. 😉

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  1. YEA! Cool stuff on Two-days.
    The Amazon thing is a bit creepy.
    Bookless libraries? Print will always be around, but this is great way to reach those who grew up with computers and use them in school/work/ travel a lot. For mind fluff/fill the time books, I am fine with ebooks. Serious book or authors that really construct a plot – I like print so I can flip back and forth or makes note if it’s my book. I keep some books – others, one reading and done – better ebook there.
    The cost of opening a new print library is mind boggling…then you have the cost of replacing damaged books ( library binding with cataloguing already done with anti-theft/identification chips installed – books have gotten very expensive.)
    Librarians rock! Some of my favorite – and most interesting people

    1. I can’t even imagine the cost of a new library now! And the cost of adding to existing libraries is off the table in many counties. Tsk Tsk to the lawmakers for underfunding our public necessity!

  2. So enjoyed your Top Twos-Day!
    I pretty much new about Amazon b/c of a 20/20 Show. Not sure how that’ll go over, but that fact that they’ll have something already boxed and ready to ship if I should choose it, saving delivery time, is quite a marketing scheme, as are their drones! (drone, drone – LOL).

    But I must say that the all-digital library is mind-blowing, and a great use of technology. The article makes me realize that there are many people not fortunate enough to have a library near them, and with the economy the way it is, we may be losing more of them. The idea of these being tremendously less expensive to build in so many more areas, is real marketing genius. How wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing these articles – great information!!


    1. thanks, Claire…I didn’t know 20/20 did a show on it, way cool, though I did hear about the drone concept from some news show.
      More digital library stuff in today’s topper… 3D Standards 😉

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