Top Twos-Day: Socially Acceptable

Goodwill Bin

This is getting lame, I admit: the dog ate my post; I left it in my jacket pocket and the rain washed the ink away; the polar vortex carried it into the ocean…etcetera.

*Whiny voice* but my laptop is on the lamb and the geek doc gave it a do-not-resuscitate order. Truly did! *sniffle*

Late again, here’s this week’s take. 🙂

Marshmallow lover? Instagram poster? Why not have both? The secret is out – Boomf’s gushy brainchild is James Middleton, Uncle James to royal’s Prince George. Read the story here… and visit Boomf to discover the delights.

The recycler in me loves this, so this is head and shoulders above other news this week: The Goodwill goBIN. I read about the textile recycle container at FastCompany and you can too… plus visit the San Francisco Goodwill to catch the vision.

More Top Twos-Days…


6 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: Socially Acceptable

  1. OMGosh – both TWO’s – Bravo! Very innovative and fun! Enjoyed your blog tremendously today. Just don’t know which to do first – empty a closet or hit the marshmallow bag! How fun!

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