Top Twos-Day: When MIT Whispers Do We Listen?


As the snow falls, temps plunge and indoors beckon, let’s lighten up and have some fun. Snowpeople anyone? My snowfrog, from a few years ago…I hope once this snow ends, I’ll have enough to rival that puppy, um, tadpole.  

Moving on.

Have you heard what’s next for readers? Researchers at MIT have been at work on, well, hmmm, an enhanced book experience. Yeah, I could tell you more, but you must read the description first and then the opinion, for giggles. NPR story here, and plus read the don’t-miss GeekOSystem commentary here.

With all the social networks out there, how do you know who do sign with? My guess is you may want to check them out. Gossip is always right, right? Remember the telephone game, or whisper game? Everyone sits in a circle, one person whispers a sentence in someone’s ear, and the news travels back to that same peep as a completely jumbled-up juicy tidbit? Maybe this is the answer for adults still seeking to play games: Whispero  not to be confused with Whisper an APP for your phone, not to be confused with Whisper Media. Shhh, did someone say…?

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2 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: When MIT Whispers Do We Listen?

  1. Roxie,
    My husband loves frogs. I’ll have to share this with him! If you build another one, you could have him stick out his tongue to catch snowflakes.

    Why not call the next social media “Gossip Line” or “Gossip Network” or something like that? I bet it would be a big hit!

    • really? awesome, Linda…some time ago a friend gave me a cute frog and they are multiplying LOL
      Good point, gossip girl brought teen fans to tv, I smell another reality show!

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