Tops Twos-Day: The cost of writing right – would Hemingway be proud?

Hemingway close up

I confessed in one of my recent posts that I named a cat Hemingway. So how funny is it that I find this…The Hemingway App?  According to GalleyCat, “Adam and Ben Long have created an app that analyzes text with the goal to help make your writing bold and clear like that or [sic] Ernest Hemingway.”  Read the rest…  Another poster, Ian Crouch from The New Yorker posits, “Would he pass the tests he helped inspire?” Full article here…

Over in another corner of The New Yorker,  George Packer targets Amazon, who wears the bull’s-eye well. What’s all the hullaballoo? Self-publishers are devaluing the literary field. Not new, but the spin is now on motivation, “It wasn’t a love of books that led him [Bezos] to start an online bookstore. ‘It was totally based on the property of books as a product,’ Shel Kaphan, Bezos’s former deputy, says.” More… Yet there’s a chill in the air for those opposing Amazon, as Aaron Pressman speculates here, rising eBook sales and billions in hardcopy sales land directly on the desks of publishers, “To wit: overpaying huge advances for worthless books written by celebrities. Dumping vast quantities of best sellers in Walmarts (WMT) and Costcos (COST), where they’re sold at half price. Favoring the megachains for decades as they squeezed out the independent stores the publishers now champion against Amazon.”

Maybe we should all be asking, “What would Hemingway say?”

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    1. You are so right, I can’t find a really cozy bookstore. Not even the gently-read ones seem welcoming, they are all crammed shelves with books begging to have a new home if someone could pause long enough to read a title.

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