Top Twos-Day: Entrepreneurs – Bitcoin, James Patterson and The Bank of Ireland


James Patterson, famed author, partner to unknowns, is in the news for more entrepreneurial efforts: His Million Dollar Giveaway to Independent Bookstores. Hear his interview on NPR… Also, check out his campaign, Read Kiddo Read … you may be pleasantly surprised. And speaking of generosity, The Bank of Ireland is sponsoring a “competition to find Northern Ireland’s inventions with the greatest commercial potential” within six categories. Winner will receive £10,000. Details… Seems to me I heard of some competitions here in the states, but I couldn’t find them. Anybody know?

Been to the bank lately? No reason to, with auto check deposit using a snap of your phone, debit cards and the ease of online bill pay. So, where does Bitcoin find its niche? This online currency, is handy to use, whether you wish to sell or trade,  tour the trend…  Think this sounds unstable? You’re not alone. Despite the fear from Mt Gox’s apparent closure of their Twitter account, the largest trader, more here, Bitcoin prices dropped a bit (couldn’t resist).  However, there is some good faith: “The world’s first brick-and-mortar Bitcoin deposit and financial services portal, Neo, opened the doors to its flagship branch in Cyprus at 10:30 a.m. local time Monday.” Read the full article…  Head spinning yet?

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  1. Glad someone is saying parents really have a big role in getting kids to read – it’s true. Parents sitting down and reading show the kids that adults think it’s worth spending time on…so maybe they should try it – besides family reading makes great conversation time and it’s fun for all

    1. ain’t it tho’ Phil…wait, ahem! Isn’t that the truth! We are the biggest influence on our kids, what they strive to repeat and dismiss, the good and the bad. They mimic. Scary, really!

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