Sunday Funny: the power of 10 – don’t say this to a writer!

10 things people say to creative writers but should not

I encourage you to visit Graphospasm’s Deviant Art page – here – there’s more to this story than cheeky Q’s.

Read the responses, garner great tips and grab an eyeful of gregarious art. Ok, so I went overboard on GGGGG’s. Better check the out the site if I’m that enthusiastic, right?!

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granter of giggles

Many thanks  SIR RALPH at Bluefish Way for sending this one!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: the power of 10 – don’t say this to a writer!

  1. That’s most interesting
    After all
    Being a celebrity or a well known person
    Is just not everything
    I mean you make them celebrity
    They create a strong impression in your mind
    That influence your behaviour
    You are giving them power
    If you were born somewhere else
    Would you give a damn about them

    What is the requirement of current time is to
    Be aware, conscious like Buddha
    And act with love

    Writing about you will be worth the task

  2. Hi Roxie,
    There was a lady who showed up at a writers’ group I attended. She wanted one of the group members to volunteer to write her life story for her. She wasn’t a celebrity or well-known person. She wasn’t offering to pay. How about that one?

    • um hmm, and she’s just like thousands of others who believe they have a book inside them…which they probably do – one book. but one book does not a writer make!
      you’ll probably run into many more peeps like her, Linda. practice your quick response so it just drips off your tongue, “I’d love to because I just know your story is compelling – I’ll have my agent phone yours!”

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