Top Twos-Day: no Sherpa needed but keep your eyes peeled!


Canada’s Writers’ Union tags along like a baby brother on the membership frontier as Authors Guild blazed through the writing mountain, no Sherpa needed! They accept self-pubbed authors as members.  According to info on their website, they’ve stretched the sleeping bag to include those long-stiffed pesky self-pubbed authors because, “The membership and volunteer leaders of the Union have taken a long, hard, and responsible look at the state of the writing and publishing industries worldwide,” noted current TWUC Chair, Dorris Heffron, “and we have concluded there is a population of highly professional self-published authors who would be well-served by membership in TWUC.” More on the inclusion… Ain’t it sweet when we can all get along? See AG’s guidelines here and take special note of the fineprint: “Traditionally published and self-published authors become regular members when they meet regular membership criteria.” Oh, plus don’t forget to add your credit card numbers – dues are the same 90 bucks!

Confession time: I tweet. And I watched the Oscars on Sunday. Did you experience the tweetquake? OMG Ellen’s star-spangled selfie crashed the twittersphere! Rally did, *gum smacking* 4sure! I know, you’re thinking, “Who cares?”. Well, did you notice the winners? There’s a trend on efficacious films, that’s worthwhile to you and me, plus books to films and some gosh-darn good movie making. (Another exclamation point too much here?!)  Where’m I going with this? Teens, tweeting and a really good book that may, rumor has it, become a movie! Monday I watched a live broadcast of author Jay Asher addressing a crowd about his book THIRTEEN REASONS WHY as he kicks off 50 STATES AGAINST BULLYING. Check out the book…  Plus the campaign… So, now you may be saying, “But he’s with another publisher, not yours, *singsong voice*. Yes indeed he is. And there’s absolutely no reason why I cannot offer kudos to good work, paying it forward and leaving a positive mark in the world. Yep, exactly the qualities Sunscribe ascribes to. Yeah, good or bad wordplay, you’ll remember our name. 😉

BTW you too can subscribe to Sunscribe with this link! We will be launching soon, more like rocketing, LOL. Details…

More TopTwos-Days…


  1. I am glad that you show no shade! I will have to check out that book! I hope it is as good as you say it is.

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