Top Twos-Day – Hot, On Fire, Fanning the Flame and Success?

Amplify Tablet

Familiar with a chicken in every pot, laptop for every child concept? How about a broken tablet for every Guilford County Middle Schooler? Ahh, the plagues of technology! Amplify (who they are…) will again issue tablets to this North Carolina school district after  a 15K meltdown.  “Amplify will also reimburse the school district $856,750 for training conducted last summer,” according to… Speaking of problems, there’s a copyright class action lawsuit settlement updated recently…  A bonus on this spring forward Tuesday. 🙂

Another question site has emerged, this one called JELLY (introduction…) – time will tell if it has legs, or will cause much controversy like (safety…) and other YA loved hotspots. Teens gravitate toward these sites seeking answers, but often they are surprised by the negativity and bullying, leading to alarming conclusions on their part. A wait and see stance is best. QUORA’s still on the upswing. We can say it is a viable Question/Answer site, perhaps JELLY will give them a run for the answers? Not familiar with QUORA? Read brief piece at CrunchBase… or at QUORA’s site…  Shoutout to Philosopher  Mouse of the Hedge’s recent post catching my attention – Phil’s article here…

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  1. I hate to say it – in ancient years I told my jailbait (but really quite wonderful) students, that shortly computers would reduce the drudgery of classwork – students would prove mastery and then move at their own pace – leaving more time to read, analyze, discuss, write ideas – freedom to explore and think! Sadly that was in mid 70’s and not much has changed. Partly due to the lack of good programing ( not quickly written ones rushed to the market to make profit…and make more money “training” teachers) And partly because of teacher burnout from fighting the donkey system (and people get tired of being spit on, cussed out, having chairs thrown at them…..). Unfortunately many of the best and brightest realize teaching as a career offers little – certainly not respect/money – and those “oh I love children” ones are often incapable of classroom management or creatively teaching/adapting info or materials as needed. In teaching, love isn’t enough. (That was to be one of my book titles) Some don’t have a clue how to teach the various writing forms – much less how to grade them.
    Sigh. I still have a vision – technology isn’t a mirage – it must be developed and used with purpose. Kids must master it – or it will become master….now off to read some sci-fi!
    Appreciate the link to the post.
    Aways enjoy the wealth of information here

    1. your comments are always incredibly interesting, and grab me from the beginning. “jailbait (but really quite wonderful)” omg totally funneee!
      I must say, Phil, you do need to untuck that humor from your cheek and let it out! Here’s a perfect example, along with your witty, insightful posts.
      a pleasure, to link to your work.

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