Sunday Funny: Birthday Fun

This week I have another birthday…but I’m not fishing for compliments, cards or gifts. At the age I’m turning, I’m just happy to be here!

Nothing like a visual 😉

More Sunday Funnies…


  1. Happy Birthday Roxie, hope your day was everything and more that you wished for
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. LadyBlue,
      love saying that…
      thanks, the day, week was above and beyond what I had imagined. I keep staring at the Sunscribe mug and oh it looks so good as tangible evidence that we are on our way!

      1. I really want that green hat with the feather LOLs…
        I’m glad you had a good one, and I look forward to photos and updates from your trip !
        As Always Take Care Roxie…You Matter…

  2. OMGosh – the Happy Birthday dancing girls stole those dresses from my closet!!! The video is hilarious!
    Love ya,

  3. A new year, a new venture, surely the two go together and are worth celebratin’. Happy Birthday, and laughing at the Birthday Belles.

  4. My favorite “funny” is of four older women in bathing suits, swim caps, nose plugs, etc. standing together in knee-deep water. The caption: “At our age we have to look as gorgeous as possible…otherwise the life guard won’t work as hard to save us.”
    Happy birthday, Roxie.

    1. Mine too, Marylin, hopefully I won’t look like that for several decades, but I know better than to get in the water in case the lifeguard aren’t looking my way, hehehe!

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