Top Twos-Day: Breakout Year


Public mail has been around, well, almost since cavemen. Newspaper op eds almost as long. So why not have a public platform for public email? Old news. Fastnote, founded during the 2008 elections, is not cutting edge. Fast forward to a bigger, better application for teachers: or anyone who desires instant integration with an audience or participants – meet Todays Meet. The blog has real input, actual examples of usage by teachers and students…here.
And speaking of breakout ideas, let’s applaud Forbes contributor Geri Stengal for her January article about women entrepreneurs – and the year of the woman! Read Stengal’s article, then head on over to read how women are saying “YES” to the question, “Dare we?” in a post by Tanya Benedicto Klich . Plus, Ban Bossy, the movement to equip young girls to understand what it is to be strong women leaders, is gaining momentum – and criticism. More here…
One more before I say adios for the week: Many of Sunscribe’s team gathered earlier today for another meeting, but to my surprise, they threw me a birthday party! I am still giggling and wiping away happy tears. What a gathering! The best people on earth, or under the sun, yes that would be SUNSCRIBE – don’t miss a minute of the fun, sign up to receive inSCRIBE our informative eletter!! Many, many thanks, y’all are way over the top today! 😉

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10 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: Breakout Year

    • David, thanks, um, well, the cake is gone but totally delish, hehehe. And yes a terrible fire risk, glad I had champagne handy to douse it if necessary!
      hugs backatcha!

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