Image from Susan Gaylord
Image from Susan Gaylord


Connecting is important and it’s the theme of Sunscribe’s latest e-letter inSCRIBE. Here are two significant topics to cross my desk this week that are included in inSCRIBE’s second issue:

National Poetry Month kicks off today!

Seeking a visual concept for all ages, all skills levels?

Cover a classroom wall with white paper for “curriculum poetry” during April: encourage students to share poetry graffiti (classroom appropriate, of course). Want more? TeachersFirst has links to dozens of inspirational sites.

Plus, writers, where will you encounter ideas?

“Grab the closest book. Go to page 29. Write down 10 words that catch your eye.” The beginning of a poem? Perhaps, or maybe a short story, character, or setting. Your choice, your voice. More ideas at Kelli Russell Agodon.


Assembling boards on Pinterest?

Whether you’re searching for a recipe or vacation spot, there are oodles of choices.

How do you organize and publicize yours to stand head and shoulders above the masses?

Entrepreneur shares 11 tips to advance your Pinterest pins. Wait there’s more, who’s on top with the top networks?

Twitter’s prevalent publishers, according to News Whip, ranked by total Twitter shares of content published during February – Top Ten Tweets.

And Facebook’s Top Ten, from an earlier News Whip post, shows how much each social media site varies. See their take on FB’s prime publishers.
Excerpts are from our inSCRIBE issue two – are you signed up to receive a copy? Sign up for inSCRIBE today.

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