Top Twos-Day: Oh no you didn’t! *snap*


Snapchat, to be precise…told users that photos would be deleted in seconds. But “according to the FTC’s complaint, Snapchat made multiple misrepresentations to consumers about its product that stood in stark contrast to how the app actually worked.” Snapchat has agreed to settle, details…

And in another hotly litigated case, Java’s Oracle appeal yielded victory, a turnaround and loss for Google’s AOS and other techs. One judge, Kathleen O’Malley stated that the code needs to be taken as a whole, and in her opinion, “By analogy, the opening of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities is nothing but a string of short phrases. Yet no one could contend that this portion of Dickens’ work is unworthy of copyright protection because it can be broken into those shorter constituent components.” Ruling ramifications here…

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