Top Twos-Day: Focus on Hemingway and Hawthorne – Priceless!

This is what’s on my desk this week. Bills. Who doesn’t have a few stuffed here and there, waiting? Mine came from two sources, other than the normal, this week: cats and car.
Last Wednesday, my Ford Focus’s second ignition switch, with less than 3K on this one, decided to freeze up, leaving me stuck between an author appointment and one of our team members. Fortunately, the old hammer on the key worked to start it and I was able to drive to the repair shop. $250 dollars later, I drove off the lot. When I last repaired it, they had to drill out the old lock ‘cause it was so badly messed up. And there was almost a written guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. Eveh! But you know how that goes. Can only imagine when this one will malfunction.
Over the weekend I noticed one of our two recent feline rescues was, well, using my beige carpet as a litter box. And it was scarlet. Yikes!!! After some surveillance, I Identified Hemingway as the guilty party. A quick call to the vet emergency number and my vet, who happened to be on call, said we could wait until Monday to check him. We covered lots of territory, to rule out an emergency; she rocks! Off to the vets yesterday, and a diagnosis of crystals, poor Hemingway! He’s on some meds, plus because he’s high strung, they compounded some chicken flavored valium. Cha-ching $325.93
Fast forward to this evening, and I’m returning from yet another vet appointment, this time for Hawthorne. No crystals, but definitely something going on in his male region. Doc said the sample they took indicates an infection. Meds for him, oh yeah and tomorrow, well, that’s when we try to gather a sample to drop by the vets. $174.54 and still growing…
Did I mention that I spent the entire weekend cleaning carpets, clothes and all things cat sprayed? So when I walked into the vets today, she asked me what fragrance I was wearing. You know what I said, uh huh, cat pee.
Thanks for indulging me in a rant!
Back next week with publishing stuff. 🙂


Real Top Twos-Days…


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