Top Twos-Day: Writing Opportunities!


I’m so late in posting this that I can’t even say it’s Tuesday somewhere. However, after yet another trip to the vets in the early evening, and more meds, Hawthorne, our most expensive new adoptee, is home and we await bloodwork results.

Not Top Two, see how it pays to show up late and look fabulous? Do you hear the quartet, playing your song?

Submissions for an anthology, Out of Many, Multiplicity and Divisions in America Today, is open and “will showcase emerging writers for an emerging generation. Possible multipliers or dividers may include ideology, religion, class, race, gender, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, language, generation, color, nationality, aesthetics. This list is far from exhaustive, and could be seen as merely suggestive. What matters most is the power of your story: the bigness of its heart, the freedom of its language, and the beauty of its vision.” Call issued by City University of New York, deadline is July 23, 2014. Info…

Up for a fan fiction competition? Author Hugh Howey and eBook soundtrack company Booktrack have partnered with Wattpad, Writer’s Digest and Indaba Soundtrack to offer The Hugh Howey Booktrack & Wattpad Fan Fiction Contest. “Fans can write and soundtrack an original fan fiction story based on Howey’s novel Half Way Home, to be posted on both Booktrack and Wattpad, to be in to win from a $20,000 prize pool. Another way to win The Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition is through the Audio Contest, which gives fans the chance to soundtrack a chapter of Half Way Home.” Contest ends July 31, 2014. More…

Poet? “Cherry Castle Publishing seeks poetry submissions regarding songs for a passbook torch, an anthology dedicated to Nelson Mandela. All work submitted should have some relationship to Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, the Mandela family, and/or the past and present fight for racial justice in South Africa. Currently reading July through September 30, 2014. However note, “The submission period for this anthology is currently open ended. Decisions for inclusion in the anthology will be made on a rolling basis.” Details (on page, click on submissions at top right menu)…

Educator, or work in the field of education? The Teacher’s Voice: A Literary Magazine for Poets and Writers in Education is now accepting submissions: “We consider unpublished poems, flash fiction, flash creative nonfiction, flash plays, flash experimental. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we must be notified immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Send up to 5 pages of poetry or prose pieces no longer than 1500 words (but think shorter! micro! prose poetry). A cover letter is very much appreciated: are you a teacher, administrator, parent, student, librarian, custodian, coach, security officer, etc?
[Writers and] Readers should note that because we produce theme issues that require enough relevant pieces to be compiled, our publishing schedule and format may vary from year to year.” Full post…

More Top Twos-Days…


    1. hehehe, cat naps are short bursts of energy makers! good idea to grab a couple a day!! Let me know if you enter any of your work in these opps, always like to hear feedback.

    1. he’s a noncomplainer, even with all the poking and prodding. right now we are watching his liver enzymes and he’s on another antibiotic. but oh such a sweetheart!

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