Top Twos-Day: Open and Close causes Colbert War


As Sunscribe launches this summer, other publishing companies are closing doors. Hachette Book Group announced, “the company is closing its Business Plus imprint and folding the titles into the Grand Central Publishing list. Rick Wolff, founder of Business Plus, is one of the 28 HBG employees who has been let go.” Read more…

Now is a good time to mention another problem Hachette is facing: discrimination from Amazon? Hachette’s super hero, Stephen Colbert’s take on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and it’s personal, the finger pointing has begun! Discover the new war…

And while traditional publishing houses are redefining themselves, indie publishers, or self-publishing is on the rise. Big time. Galley Cat reports the scoop came from the Guardian concludes, “the self-publishing market grew by 79 percent in 2013 in the UK, according to new research presented by Steve Bohme, research director at Nielsen Book, at the Literary Consultancy conference this morning in London.” The scoop…  But know that the tide is rising on this side of the pond, too…

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  1. A whole lot of shifting going on. Amazon is changing things/throwing their weight around as much as monster store Walmart. Consumers will find their choices narrowing and quality/service gone.
    Just means more opportunity for Sunscribe. Sometimes it pays not to be the biggest in the room. (more oxygen for the smaller guys?)
    In your corner – Support small businesses.

    1. Excellent perspective, Phil, yes, more oxygen for us closer to the ground! It is astonishing how pacman-syndrome still thrives.

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