Top Twos-Day: pandering?


Last week I mentioned the war between Stephen Cobert’s publisher Hachette and the big bad bully Amazon. Before reading more, catch up here.
Let’s call the saga, As The Pages Turn. Part two this week: “Amazon has only publicly commented about the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette once, while Hachette has released several official statements (here’s one) and multiple leaks. And today we have another leak from Hachette.” How much lesson should a lesson cost if the lesson costs revenue from Amazon? Similar to a woodchuck chucking wood? Oh but no, it may not be as glum as many think, “…Amazon appears to be taking steps to fix one of the longstanding gripes shared by many in publishing.” Is playground bully reforming or just slipping into something it dropped into the shopping cart as camouflage? Full article from Digital Reader…

Next topic: literacy. While some of us have been on the reading bandwagon, it has taken the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) a bit longer to climb aboard and publically side with others about the importance reading plays in infant development. The press release states this wonderful team will put books into the hands of parents. The announcement continues, “…Hillary Rodham Clinton of a new early literacy partnership of Too Small to Fail, the AAP, Scholastic, and Reach Out and Read…” are participating in this valiant endeavor. Yes you read that right, a new partnership, and one that may lead to bigger things in 2016. We shall keep our eyes open for the political pandering sure to come next, I’m not pointing at one party’s affiliation or another, just that this will be an equal opportunity effort for opinionated commentary. But don’t let my skepticism shadow the good that will come out of this effort: more books in children’s hands. Read more from Publishers Weekly…

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  1. strange that AAP took a while to get on board with reading. when parents (or anyone) read aloud to children between 0 and 5, it stimulates certain areas of the brain. these same areas are also the ones that are underdeveloped in children who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. However, even if a child is never read to up to age 10, reading aloud to that child will still increase those areas and reverse some of the underdevelopment. that’s why it’s a very popular thing for teachers to read to kids in school even up to 8th grade.

    1. I agree, brains, gotta wonder why…but then when we factor in politics, the light shines bright. I’ve heard many adults say they love being read to, and that it’s a popular activity in nursing homes. Infancy to elderly, the absolute best thing we can do as a society: read aloud!

  2. Docs/experts/language specialists are so desperate to get parents to understand that reading to children daily from infancy is critical that they will grab any chance to get this idea in front of the public. Like you, it’s annoying to me that a long proven fact will be “rediscovered” by politicians and used for their own advancement.
    Pediatricians here have been handing out books to each child with each visit for years (funded by Houston Rodeo and state initiatives.) But anything to get more reading in homes. It’s the one thing that makes a huge difference – at a little/no cost if libraries are encouraged, too)
    At home and from parents, kids can discover the joy and delight of books…in schools they are too busy trying to hit benchmarks to encourage fun and lifelong delight -(a sad failure for sure)

    1. Love the program pediatricians participate in, and wholly support the idea…
      yep, bottom line: we need to get those books into kids hands, for sure, Phil.
      don’t know why the “opinion” took so long to draw a census but that’s pretty typical.

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