Top Twos-Day: Survey shows!

We collected “Suns” with social connections and posted them on our banner!

In the same way children stick out their tongue, Amazon poked the French government, who a few weeks prior, ruled that Amazon’s free shipping and discounts were now illegal. The nah, nah, na boo-boo, I’m better than you-ooo response from Amazon, just a mere 0.01 Euro for shipping. According to MHP, “This law, regardless of effectiveness, is unlikely to be the last time France’s government takes a swing at Amazon. The Seattle corporation bases their European unit in Luxembourg, which allows them to circumvent the tax laws of the countries where they’re actually sending products.” Read more…

Perhaps they should get the Facebook cop after them? Oh yes, folks are giving thumbs up to Facebook as news hits of the police substation support and benefits/salary of an officer in California. Controversial? You bet! “That raises some potential conflicts that, if I was the chief, I am not sure I’d want to wrestle with,” Geoffrey Alpert, a criminal-justice professor at University of South Carolina, told the Wall Street Journal. “What do you tell your officers about how to treat people who work at Facebook?” Full story…

The Guardian is reporting on a news story about authors not able to sustain themselves on what they’re paid. Wait, don’t we already know that? Citing European numbers, “…the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society released a survey of almost 2,500 writers which found that the median income of a professional author last year was £11,000, down 29% since 2005 – a period in which median earnings for UK employees have fallen by 8%.   By this year, according to the survey, just 11.5% of professional authors said they earned their income from writing alone, compared with 40% in 2005.” The article, “Traditional publishing is ‘no longer fair or sustainable’, says Society of Authors,” affirms professional writer’s salary decline. Finish reading…

My two cents: Are the publishers really making all the money? Standing on this side of the aisle, I know firsthand the costs of operating a publishing company. When I take a step back, toss on my writing cap and file in among my friends, I am reminded of the causes: no-cost web content, decline of edited writing, everybody-is-an-expert competition, etc. Granted, we have a great deal to complain about, but when will we writers and publishers take action? And are things too far gone for us to change, really change?

I’m taking steps, yes, albeit small, as in small publisher, forward to be an effective change. Adding a third bit of news, (gosh I do this often) Sunscribe’s first conference is under our belt. Last Saturday, right here where we began, we sponsored the Rock Hill chapter’s South Carolina Writer’s Workshop one day chapter event. And had a blast! More importantly, we connected, encouraged and discovered more writers, editors, and illustrators! If you’re interested in more pics, pop over to the website: .

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  1. So glad Sunscribe is at conferences. Great people – and they appreciate the support – and the fact you showed up! Word of mouth one of the best marketing tools. The industry and profession is in such flux (Amazon…what can I say). As with many things, consumers don’t understand how things are made/the effort and labor involved or the costs of production…and so many times it’s done with fingers crossed. Books aren’t like cows which have possible problems, but pretty steady markets
    Have to applaud the brave ones. Enjoyed your update

    1. Thank you Phil. It was so thrilling to kick off our first event and such a successful one, too! Participation levels for our ‘sun’ request topped our expectations, and now we are connected with dozens and dozens of more writers, editors, and illustrators!
      Flux is totally the word, and we use the term fluid team, because we have to be able to roll, slide and swish as necessary whenever change comes our way. My team hears me say, “You know, we can try something else, we’re not married to this idea.” The other day, someone repeated it at the conference, stating that our unique approach allows us to “change any idea…after all, we’re not married to any of them”! Love it!

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