Competing for Chase’s Mission Main Street Grant

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We are vying for a Chase $150,000 Grant in their Mission Main Street Program!

The grants are awarded based on our answers to 5 key questions, which we have submitted. However, we cannot make it to that point without receiving 250 votes!

Twenty small businesses will receive $150,000 in grants, and you can vote for more than one business!
We need your support!!

VOTE now…

Before I go on, let me say a huge thanks to three of our local businesses supporting our efforts:

 The UPS Store #4413
 BooKnack new and used bookstore
 Baxter Library, Fort Mill

With special thanks to Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge for her support! Read her post…

Now on to important questions:

What would we do with the grant?

Receiving a grant of this size offers freedom to continue pursuing Sunscribe’s mission: partner with writers to publish books that affirm and celebrate diversity, inspire deference and intelligent teamwork, and deepen readers’ understanding and appreciation of life.

This grant would position us to accelerate distribution plans and perhaps even be ahead of schedule by offering competitive advances to our authors, placing us in line with other traditional publishers as we contract talented writers and artists to increase our visibility for national award recognition.

 What is Sunscribe?

Sunscribe is a traditional publishing company founded by me, Roxanne Hanna, a writer with over 30 years’ experience as an assigned ghostwriter or editor of custom writings and projects for individuals and corporations.
Sunscribe grew as a natural extension assisting others to shine and achieve goals. My background, combined with a cutting-edge approach to distribution, paired with experienced freelance editors, graphic designers, artists and businesses, enables Sunscribe to compete in this ever-changing technological atmosphere.
Sunscribe’s business model partners with writers to allow customized distribution to the reach readers using unique and streamlined marketing strategies that have not been explored by our competition.

Please take a moment and VOTE now…

Why Sunscribe, why now?

After growing up in a family printing and publishing business, the seed was planted for my own entrepreneurial evolution. As a working mother, I know firsthand the difficulty in juggling career and family relationships and have successfully done so with the strength of a core support network.
My biggest challenge, founding Sunscribe, my third business, which is focused on partnering with writers. Yet this endeavor enables me to reach another level of achievement: to bring readers and stories together, introducing the world to debut and established authors’ works, while maintaining a commitment to recognized literary traditions.

Cast your vote of support here…

If you have already voted, thank you! Consider sharing this message with a friend and including a quick request to support us.

 You can vote for more than one business, just not more than once per business.

vote for sunscribe


  1. NIcely done, Roxie! Love the full story and it gives the big picture of Sunscribe.
    Might be good to remind people each morning – silly picture and cut and paste some from here? People need to know!
    If each reader here just added a bit to their posts – or mentioned it & linked to here when commenting on friends’ blogs
    No shame in emailing people either – this is important.
    Every little effort makes a difference
    Thanks for linking to my post –
    One of you biggest fans! Down to the home stretch now

    1. You make some great points, Karen. It’s tough cause I feel like a pest…
      Definitely emailed to call in friends, now I’ll put your suggestions to use. 😉
      One of a kind gem, that’s YOU!

      1. Not a pest. Raising awareness. Need to get that post into Reader so others can see it.
        Great picture/ hilarious story/joke – links – tag for “humor”- maybe even “photography” if striking image. Need to pull in as many “new” eyes as possible – and get them to read your blog, too
        Your blog has helped so many, now’s the time to return the favor. But they have to know about it. Can’t make the sale if you don’t ask.
        Bloggers like to help bloggers.

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