Marjory Wentworth – SC Poet Laureate


To say I am distracted is an understatement. I can describe what I’ve done: pour coffee in the cat’s water bowl, tuck the milk in the pantry next to the Rice Chex, and then squeeze Colgate Multi-whitening onto my hairbrush, and you have an idea of my morning.

Now the level has risen to major irritation. And I suppose that’s what the governor of the great state of South Carolina feels on her second inaugural morning. Major irritation. If you haven’t heard, the governor cut our state’s poet laureate duties – Marjory Wentworth caused an uproar with her writing – because she wrote a poem about the not-so-smiling history of this state. Read her inaugural poem without the inaugural audience at WRVO’s site…

Whew, I feel better just sharing this with more people! Exactly what I need to do. And so do you. Regardless of your political, poetic or other opinions, please get the word out that South Carolina clicked the clock hands back. When the world is dealing with huge issues, the foremost one on the state’s political agenda is an inaugural poem.

The thoughts and opinions are my own. But I love company, so leave a comment to let me know we were hanging out for a few minutes today.



15 thoughts on “Marjory Wentworth – SC Poet Laureate

  1. Majorie Wentworth’s poem is powerful and rings true. Unfortunately, our state officials are not seeking the truth, but the veneer of public relations.

  2. The poem One river, One boat is receiving a lot of attention in South Carolina and other
    Circles around our nation.

    I find all of this attention very encouraging. The deep scars left by the institution of slavery,
    The Civil War , Jim Crow and the “new Jim Crow” remain and continue to cause a sharp reaction in South Carolina and elsewhere.

    Expressing our thoughts and feelings on these matters is healthy and at the core of being

    • Absolutely is, Paul! We need to keep our history in view as we navigate new waters. Deep scars, for sure, and they call for much salve, or words to show healthy perspectives. Glad you read the poem and weighed in. Really appreciate your comment.

  3. It’s hard to justify spending on the arts though when other things are being neglected. We have the same issues in Virginia. Revenue is way down and they’re cutting everything.


    • It’s an interesting conundrum, for sure, Nancy. We should explore and expose all opportunities, options and solutions. Thanks for your input. Truly isn’t an SC issue, Virginia and others, no doubt, are looking for ways to trim budgets. What’s the best way? Honesty sure suits me. And discourse. Glad you had a minute to weigh in, appreciate it!

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