Congratulations to the 20 $150k Mission Main Street Grant Recipients

Sunscribe August 13 2013 pen nib i2 1

Many of you supported my company Sunscribe in our quest to compete for a grant from Chase in their Mission Main Street program in October 2014. You waited patiently with us, counting down the days until January when the 20 winners would be announced.

Tis bittersweet news: We discovered today we are not a recipient of a $150,000 Mission Main Street Grant. Thank you again, to all our voters and supporters!

While we are sad we didn’t make it into the finale, we had a great run! Our team ran the race, chins to the wind, and now we are highly motivated for the next one.

We wish those businesses selected much success, and look forward to seeing many great things from these companies as 2015 unfolds. Full list posted on our website…

Roxie 😉


  1. I’m sorry to hear. I think philosophermouseofthehedge’s comment about Sunscribe being on the radar now is a good take-away. Congrats on all the hard work by you and your team.

  2. You have to start somewhere. Be sure to read the winner’s grant applications if you can. Some wording is better than others. Grant writing is a learning process, too. It’s a fine ballet – few start with the lead roles.
    In any case, Sunscribe did come up on the radar for many new eyes.

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