Dear Rheem the water heater people: #CustomerService please!


I need a bath!
Short and not-so-sweet, a bit of a twist from my usual upbeat posts, I do apologize in advance.
My hot water heater, a Rheem unit, barely 2 ½ years old, quit working Sunday morning during my shower. I’ll spare the ugly details and get to the point: Rheem’s replacement part, under warranty, did NOT arrive until this afternoon, a full five days after it was “over-night express shipped, guaranteed delivery on Tuesday.”
My plumber, my hero who wishes to remain anonymous, arrived Sunday a few hours after my panicked call, ordered the part from my home Monday morning because he was required to be on the phone with a Rheem rep when he opened the “under-warranty” unit.
My beef: Rheem customer service gave me the heave-ho today, said they lived up to their end of the warranty, and sayonara lady, when I stated that the only thing I wanted them to do was pay for the labor to have the part installed. A part under warranty. Five days later. No hot water. What year is it?
I realize that Rheem is not responsible for FedEx’s late delivery, but as I pointed out to the numerous representatives at Rheem, as a business owner myself, if a customer did not receive a product under warranty, I would damn sure drop ship another part! And because the customer had to wait so long, I would pay for the labor to install it. Yep, that’s just me. Certainly not Rheem.
So I will take my complaint public, when I could have shouted praises. This is the beginning. Karma matters, for me, for you, for companies.
What say you all?



  1. The way Rheem handled your issue is unacceptable. They deserve to be reemed out. Glad you’re going public with this. Do you have hot water now?

  2. There is no customer service these days. Until we all band together and demand it by not purchasing their products, things won’t change. After years of fighting with our cable provider we have noticed an improvement but it took a long time, lots of complaints and perhaps a nudge from the government. Hope you are all fresh and sparkly clean now. No hot water is almost as bad as no heat.

    1. I’m sorry that happened Kate, it does seem like customer service issues are popping up and lingering. I agree, cause without warm showers it seemed like I always had a chill.

  3. Poor Roxie ! Have you got the soap off yet ? Well I won’t be buying a Rheem product for two reasons. As well as your story I’ve never heard of them ! xox ❤

  4. Customer service is quite shoddy once you’ve bought the item it seems.Despite warranties, some staff on the phone seem to look for reasons not to honour their guarantees. Since your machine was still under warranty I’d have expected them to send someone out to do the repairs.unless the warranty specifies parts only after the first year or something.
    I hope you get some satisfaction and do make sure they read the blog and see how much attention it gets.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. Rheem should be poking FedEx – IF it left the factory/location when they said. They have big contracts and there are penalties if service not acceptable (which may mean Rheem may not have to pay those delivery charges) But that doesn’t make it right for the customer. They owe you some perk.
    They will all blame the cold and snow which is legit, but still, should keep customers happy or they tend to talk.
    Do they know you blog? In any case, as our hot water heater is marginal, we will be looking soon…but considering your experience, maybe not with this company.
    May you have much hot water for a long time now. (Life is just too complicated!)

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, Phil! They need to make it right with the customer first and then go through the channels to collect from whoever is negligible, in this case FedEx.
      I did tell them that I was going to go to the Internet and share my problem and the fact that I was going to take away the quote they gave me that they, “didn’t care” and they said it was fine, “to do what I have to do.”
      Angie’s List is probably the best source if you want to find a good plumber. And then work backwards to find the best water heater through them. Off to the shower, I know TMI, lol!!

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