Dividing Thyme

dividing thyme

Yesterday I had the glorious opportunity to dig in the dirt. The daffodils poked through one of the weed choked garden beds, and the hyacinths inched up, closing in on the yellow sunshine’s heels.

tender oregano
Along with those colorful bulbs, I have a fragrant herb bed. I wish you could breathe in the aroma, thyme, rosemary, oregano and lemon balm scented my work gloves, drifted through the air and settled around me like a spring blanket.
It would be an understatement to say I thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor chore, tennis shoe clad, for the first time since that horrible heel accident last September.

fragrant rosemary
I raked, yanked and trimmed those perennials. Then I dug up, divided and replanted the herb bed. Finally, with Hemingway’s watchful eye, I clipped away the stray branches from our hardy poplar.
Two hours later, I slipped off my shoes and propped up my feet, scanning the newly sculpted landscape from the deck. Oh, it felt good to be in 50 degree weather!
Today, the rain came, and we barely made it into the 40’s, but I can smell spring, on my gloves in the garage, that heady scent intoxicating. I am ready, bring on the time change this weekend, because I know exactly how I will divide my time.
What are you up to as the clock hands point forward this Saturday, bringing incrementally longer days?


  1. (Oh, shoot. You just reminded me I’ve got 2 little plants to repot quickly before the front gets all the way through dropping temps from 80 to 40 and lower over night.)
    Your garden smells wonderful – my rosemary bush is taking over.
    So glad to see your post – sorry to rush, but the front and rain is coming ( and the silly palms will probably want coats on)
    Spring is coming. Ducks are lifting off. The redbuds and pear trees are out…and we had 3 hours of sun yesterday…maybe more Friday…but will need warm coat…
    Can’t wait to see more of your garden as it gets warmer!

      1. Oh, I wish. Lot not acres, among nice public green spaces and parks….Good thing is not as much to for us to mow and manage. Summer is just too darn hot for it. (Summer….sounds lovely right now. Did get the plants repotted and outdoor tropicals in pot huddled by house in case we have to pitch blankets over them tomorrow. Stay warm up there ( and smile with that grandbaby!)

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