Top Twos-Day: Shout out

Sunscribe VINE join us
image from Sunscribe VINE

Not quite the return of Top Twos-Day, but I’m here to offer a few nuggets today:

We’ve just wrapped the Sunscribe Table Contest, and are we ever excited! The winner’s name will appear on our Twitter and Facebook feed this Saturday, so check our media stream for who the lucky recipient is, and offer them some congrats.

In the meantime, swing by Move From Thinking To Doing and meet Annette Clark, catch some writing and editing inspiration including a plug for Sunscribe’s contest, and give her a shout out as a fellow reader, writer and editor!

If you haven’t already discovered us on VINE, join us, we’re having a blast!

Top Twos-Day will return, revamped. Catch previous ones, and stay tuned for new. Thanks for bearing with me, it seems like my middle name is “change,” I do it so often.

You all are so gracious, and accommodating, I feel free to shift things around, like rearranging living room furniture. Glad for the company and the “new feeling” change offers. Hope you like it as we move forward!








  1. You are certainly leading us on a merry dance. Love the comparison of rearranging living room furniture – had to laugh. It’s perfect. (WP Reader is leaving off many blogs I read – trying to keep up with you guys!)

    1. Hehehe! Merry dance, indeed, Phil, still laughing!
      Yep for some reason I like to rearrange furniture for a different vibe at home, glad you can relate, lol.

  2. Thanks for the update about the contest and giving us great information. I love the Scrabble layout with all the social media SunscribeTM is in. Go, Roxie, Go.

    1. Thank YOU, Joan! Appreciate your support! Can’t wait to see your upcoming titles, Larry the Terrifying Turkey & Joan’s Elder Care Guide, in print! Yeahhhhh, Joan!!

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