Life’s Garden

I had a bit of time to work in my garden, yanking weeds and transplanting from the nursery beds to permanent homes.
Found poison oak, a giant SC spider and some hidden strawberries.
Also found a nice poem in nature’s midst.


No, not a haiku.
    Just words
        sharing the story.

I hope you are inspired to free some creativity in your world this week.



26 thoughts on “Life’s Garden

    • Hi Annette, yes on my phone. She hung around while I ran inside to sling off my garden gloves and snag my cell. And then she posed, for about 5 photos. As I checked the pics quality, she scampered away.

    • It’s a female wolf spider I believe. They carry their eggs. The plants were: lemon balm, lavender, and gladiolus. I ran her out of the bed over the rock border and onto the edge if the grass, where this pic is taken.
      Full disclosure, Linda, I’m writing a Middle Grade mystery about wolf spiders. One in a series, started in 2007, lol. Hopefully yours will be done in less time!

    • That’s probably what the spiders and fire ants did, plant poison oak! Funny to think but you have the makings of a humorous horror tale, Phil.

        • Exactly! I totally forgot about that book. My daughter’s fourth grade class read it. Hmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking…
          I’ll mention this to Linda, comments below. You’ve dished out quite a bit of yummy inspiration, Phil! Or perhaps this is something you’d like to create?

          • That whole series was delightful. We used it as a nightly family read out loud story (yes, I firmly believe in reading out loud to kids of all ages – teaches so much about the language, cadence, vocabulary, and fun)
            Attended a writer’s retreat with that author ( he and his first wife worked on the first book together – she had cancer. his own story is quite interesting)
            Actually this might be a fun project….blogging just primes the writing well.

            • You’re so right, reading aloud is crucial to so many developmental skills.
              Aha! Perfect, prime the pump and let the creative juices flow!
              I mentioned to Linda, that I need to work on my own ms, a Middle Grade mystery about wolf spiders. Let’s all scramble to our respective writing corners!
              So appreciate the energy you all bring! Thanks 😉

            • Hehehe! I can see you rubbing your palms together, and the spark in your eye – can’t wait to hear what’s developed!

  1. Roxie,
    Sounds like you’re wearing a new hat–cleaning/tidying up spiders’ houses. Oh my! Writer, publisher, editor that you are, you could turn this into picture book fun! Shall you write it or shall I?

  2. What a BIG spider !
    Hi Roxie. I was going through my Blogs I Follow today, saw your name and wondered how you are. Now I know. You’re being chased around your garden by that creature. Have a lovely Sunday evening. Ralph xox ❤

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