Another Spider!

My recent outdoor wolf spider post generated some great conversations. And I appeared as a nice, gentle, creature-loving woman.
I need to fess up. But allow a moment of digression.
People say you see what you’re looking for. Which may be true. However, I’m not looking for spiders, yet they are crossing my path left and right.
Like on the bathroom shower curtain. Dangling from the kitchen pendant light. Dancing on the wood floor entryway.
Confession: I don’t like spiders in my house. Brace yourself, there’s more. πŸ˜‰
My cats are nonchalant and tolerate much, so I thought it best to train them to catch any of those hairy eight-legged buggers that cross our indoor threshold.
I am not a fan of live and let live to spiders who invade my domain.
While other creatures are shown the door: flies, ladybugs, crickets, etc., I lump spiders in with earwigs, and classify them as intruders like ants, cockroaches, wasps and any thing I decide at the moment freaks me out.
I never said I was rational.
So, I downloaded a couple apps, and set both my phone and tablet on the floor.

My four cats, yes, four, paired up and commenced attack: they slung my phone across the floor, like a soccer match, bit and scratched the tablet cover, and pounced on those imposing images with gusto! Spiders beware!
We are ready, no more harboring outdoor escapees.
It feels good to confess, *sigh*.
Now to explain the teeth marks on my phone and the cracked tablet edge to hubs…



  1. A more effective way of training cats for combat than screaming “Kill it. Kill it” from a chair…and besides the cats stare blankly at you then pad away hoping you will regain whatever sense you previously exhibited.
    (I’ve been told long haired cats cannot be counted on a hunters…so let us know how it goes with yours. Now I had a West Highland White dog that cleared any creeping/flying insect out of the house with great speed…it is not true it was the only protein he got.)
    Love nature…when it’s outside…never in indoor bathtubs or showers

    1. Right? They just don’t respond well to shreiks. I hadn’t heard thst about long haired cats, explains a lot about him and others I’ve had.
      Yep, nature, outdoors is a beautiful thing!

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