6 ways to stay young

rock star singalong

Last Saturday we in the USA celebrated Independence Day, and my granddaughter celebrated her own independence as she turned two.

Her parents decided on a Rock Star theme, and they did it up right, complete with balloon guitars for kids to “play”!

I thought I’d share a two year-olds outlook, perhaps some wisdom for the ageless:

  • Even when no one else is on the floor, take the lead. Others will follow!
  • Be the first one to offer your birthday cupcake to others. Even if you share spittle from blowing out the candle!
  • Stop to plop down and read aloud a good book in the middle of a jam session.
  • If the crowds get to you, go for a walk outside, but don’t tell anyone: pretend it’s another game of hide and seek.
  • Not a napkin kinda kid? No worries. Head to the baby pool and quash your thirst plus clean cake crumbs off your face!
  • Lastly, if your baby brother grabs your gifts, tossing wrapping, ribbon and such all around, kiss the top of his head and pose for the camera!

Truth be told, scenarios are a combination of all the kids attending, not just my granddaughter.

Have a youthful week! 🙂



  1. Hi Roxie,

    Love that photo of your granddaughter. She is bound to become an entertainer with rock star aspirations.

    I cannot retrieve details from my spam filter re: forward focus on Saturday. Can you just send me that information, i.e. time, what to bring, and any other information that you deem relevant.



    1. Right? She’s a natural, lol.
      Thanks Donna, yes, I’ll email this afternoon. Looking forward to a great networking social Saturday. Glad you can be there!

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