Snickers – midweek madness!

Snickers. The name alone makes me smile. Plus my energy level is rockin!
Yep, I’m breaking a lot of dietary no-nos with this one. And I’ll pay dearly.


But for now, I’m tossing aside g-free, peanut-free living, just like these empty candy wrappers.
I AM the ad, “You’re not youself when you’re hungry!”



    1. That’s the truth, on both points!
      Did do my usual yoga and run tbis afternoon so I don’t feel too bad. The sugar lull is now upon me.

        1. Moderation? Oh girl, that left the building with last week’s trash pickup, lol!
          All is good, now I need to do something with the rest of the snickers in the bag. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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