Marketing: Christmas in July

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I’m in the midst of changing things on my blog, you know, adding some spice. And I figure the best way to do that is to pepper it with great site suggestions.

Here’s goes – a place to find any seasoning needs:

Consider this anise thing from one friend to another…

Yeah, that was probably forced.

Eh, hem, so, I can’t make you chuckle, but perhaps I can jog your memory and move on to marketing, all seasoning.

Done, I promise! I’m not quitting my day job.

Don’t leave just yet. I’m getting back to marketing.

Did you ever sell wrapping paper for a school fundraiser? Girl Scout Cookies? Bring a list to work because one of your children needed to sell something?

Or let me ask you another question: Have you unfriended someone because they didn’t talk enough about their latest trip to the grocery store?

Many relationships are run into the ground because we abuse friendships, overuse connections or contaminate them with selfies.

But in marketing, we need to regard our connections with an eye toward the future.

I am a list maker: to-do, shopping, errands, anything that needs organizing, I list it!

So it’s no surprise that I keep a running list of people I enjoy working with, or advocates. Spokespeople who take the time to offer shoutouts, endorsements, etc.

Referrals are a must in the work force today, and if you market yourself on social media, your friends are a valuable resource. Take notice. Then reciprocate their kindness.

Just a few ideas:

  • Post a brief three question interview with them on your blog, with a link pointing back to their site.
  • Ask if they need a review, and then follow through by writing it, listing the specifics they request.
  • Follow social media sites and offer endorsements for their products: snapshots work well.
  • Slip the company name into your non-social media conversations when you have an opportunity.
  • Find a group of other positive people to associate with, and network your friend’s name.

Like Santa, I have a nice list. You should to.

Do you have suggestions? Please, share them!

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9 thoughts on “Marketing: Christmas in July

  1. Roxie, I like to give a shout out to others on my blog and a link to their sites. For example, July 15 is Take a Poet to Work Day. You guessed it, I’m spotlighting a poet that day. I have two other similar posts planned for this month. It feels good to do this and I hope it encourages readers to visit the featured person’s blog or website.

    I also like to leave comments. Can you tell? 😉

  2. ” reciprocate their kindness”
    How nice of you to actually state this clearly. Networking has to work both ways – or after a while, you turn around and all those people who used to be there – well, they’ve left.
    (and ALL of life is “sales” or asking people to change/adjust behavior…)
    Pays to be nice. (and then nice things happen in return)

    • Very true! And I am waaaay behind on reciprocating. But lists like this never expire.
      I owe you a hundred fold of thanks for your support, Phil!
      And I always nag- when will I see your submission on my desk?

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