crayons and carsOur new issue of inSCRIBE is up, we’re taking a few minutes to enjoy this summer as we mark our status: proud parents-to-be. Of books. We at Sunscribe are happily negotiating contracts, and will announce authors, titles and excerpts as soon as possible. Interested? Read the newsletter…

In the meantime, life moves. Sometimes at record speed, and during midsummer, at a stride that allows us to enjoy chase alfresco whims.

Yesterday I spent quality time with my grandchildren, ages two and 19 months. I am admittedly wrapped around their cute lil fingers. We hopped, twirled, played bumper cars, mused over stories, stacked and whacked blocks and created chaos.

And then there was much munching and crunching, crackers and chips and veggies and fruit, too!

My heart is full, my knees a bit sore and I would do it all over again tomorrow, lol.


3 thoughts on “Linger

  1. Dear Roxie,
    Hurray for you and your determination! Signing of contracts is a joyous occasion for you and writers and illustrators!
    I know you and your granddaughters have a great time every time you get together!

    Celebrate you and those who help Sunscribe come alive.

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