Wait, Wait, Don’t Show Me!

Roxie St for blogThe world is a strange place today. Everyone is expected to have an online presence to promote their work. What’s a writer to do?

Perhaps you’ve seen the same data I have about online promotion and the importance of marketing.

Some of this sound familiar?

Destination aids distribution.

Create compelling content.

Mimic market models.

Buzzzzz words.

And then there’s the mantra: Show, don’t tell. As writers, we are supposed to market our work, create a platform. (Another bee whizzes by…)

The irony of it all is painfully time-consuming. We’re required to have an online presence: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. even before selling that first book!

So that brings me to a couple conclusions. With self-promotion, we do have to spend a certain amount of time telling. And with telling, we have to be focused, with time and message.

A filmmaker recently shared this three point punch with a group I was in, “Tell them. Tell them you’re gonna tell them. Then tell them you told them.”

Promotion is not for the shy. I would love to hear how you answer these two questions: tell us what and why:

How do you honk your own horn?

What platform has worked for you to share information with your audience?

Maybe we can build a buzz, beginning today.


10 thoughts on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Show Me!

  1. Roxie, I find pointing to me is the hardest thing I ever do. I think it is vital in marketing to be focused on audience needs and wants. That’s not always easy. However, i agree with Linda; ya gotta mix things up!
    Great post and great food for thought — again!

          • Roxie,
            Thanks for asking what format I prefer. I hope others will join this thread too.

            I enjoy following bloggers who vary their formats. Ones who shake it up a bit, allowing their creativity to shine. I prefer interviews that read like paragraphs over short snippets often associated with Q & A. I want substance.

            I do some Facebook; however, I don’t tweet at this time. Maybe after more bird watching. Bad one, I know.

            Anyone else care to comment?

            • Absolutely short and meaty, something chewy thst lasts awhile, lol. Tweeting one quote from here, to stir the pot. Hmmm, now I’m hungry….

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