Paint Party Plus!

As the weekend closes, I have to share this special memento. Awesome friends gathered this afternoon to celebrate a lovely lady’s birthday.
This creative painting party hosted was by Happy Accidents Paint Party Plus.


Everybody took home a gorgeous moonlit beach scene.
Only wish we had more time together,  it was such a blast!



  1. What’s really nice is the paintings all look different – reflect the person. Better than one here that hands of presketched canvases and then someone goes “Put the blue here. Put the green here.” But they have lots of wine for participants.
    Key West is calling!

    1. Very true, and a strength of this particular paint party venue. Tho’ must say we had no wine at all! Often we do, but this one we were stone sober, lol!

        1. Ha! I’ll have to share your observation, Phil! Some were grumbling about theirs. Not me, I was happy more paint was on the canvas then on me.

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