Writing Prompt: Camp?

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Who remembers camp? Just for kids, right? Nope!

There are numerous camps adults can attend to electronically unplug. One of them is Camp Grounded. And they have typewriters! But before you head over to their site, why not have a little writing fun?

Jot down a few facts about who is staying in these bunks, and then see where your muse takes you.

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8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Camp?

  1. Arghhhh. Typwriters. “Crazy Brown fox” Never could finish a page the first time without an error and having to retype the whole thing because the teacher was so tough. Tears. Exhausted weeping…paper and ancient writing artifact, please.
    (Molly calls the top bunk (It’s easier to reach and nibble the blind cord pulls off) which is OK as the German says she’s older and finds it easier to leap off the bottom on in the middle of the night and some car turns into a drive some 2 or 3 blocks away….you never know, according to her. A little preventative barking is often required)

    • I couldn’t finish typing the sentence either, Phil. Imho neither could the teachers.
      Molly is an important guard, night duty is crucial. Appreciate her keeping those cars in line, lol.

  2. Roxie,
    I picture a grandmother on the bottom bunk and her muse on the top: Part monkey, part kid. I never went to camp as a kid, but I’ve attended many conferences and workshops as an adult. I really would prefer not to go back to typewriter days–more frustration than benefit for me. πŸ˜‰

    • I snapped this pic a couple years ago when a group of us went to a camp opening. I’m with you, Linda, don’t give me a typewriter, if I’m unplugging from the world, I want a pen and paper!

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