Is your manuscript ready to submit?

Submit your manuscript

One more day.

And then submissions close for Children’s Chapter Books.

But, next week they open for another imprint.

Is your manuscript ready?

Details at


          1. It’s just I won’t send out something I don’t feel is quite there – much less having time for beta readers/proofing assist. Realistically, I’m not a summer person. UGH. Once fall sets in – about Oct. I’ll get some energy. Right now it’s just survival mode, but I am working on setting up a spot to write uninterrupted like I had in the other house. The kitchen counter seem to mean everyone is welcomed to stop and chat …or bark for pets. Totally not able to concentrate for long. Do appreciate your encouragement – and hope to have something worthy to send you…not until this heat/humidity leaves. Hibernating.

            1. I’m there with you, this heat is suffocating creativity. I look forward to reading your work soon. Never send in anything until you are ready…never! *snap* lol
              keep you sanity, but don’t keep the counters clear!

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