The birth of a story: What will you write?

the birth of a story turtle image

My two-year-old granddaughter visited an aquarium recently, and noticed the bronze turtles outside the entrance were not real, unlike her father’s turtle. She used her stuffed green turtles to explain the difference to me.

As I listened, one thing stood out: her young mind was grasping the concept of three types of images – a real turtle, a statue representation, and colorful fabric pillows.

The birth of a story is often inspired by pictures or images. Sometimes I recall an image from memory.

Other times, I build the story from an image influenced by my imagination. Retelling the story just like my granddaughter.

Which comes first for you, picture or story?


12 thoughts on “The birth of a story: What will you write?

  1. Snippets of images, colors, sounds and smells can trigger the raw emotions that prompt me to put something down. Sometimes a word or phrase can start the process. That’s why writing is so much fun. There’s no boring, single start — or process or end — to it.

    • Triggers, makes me think of Tigger, Winnie the Pooh’s bouncing friend. Then the other side of my brain kicks in with what psychological triggers we can each carry. OMGosh, it is very true! No end to it! LOL – off to write, thanks Annette!

    • Well phrased, and inspires me to jot down some thoughts about opening my eyes. It may lead to a poem, or not…but I’m springboarding! Thanks Chris.

  2. Before letters, fonts, lines that rhyme, and symbols that stood for sounds, there were pictures in sight or of mind’s insight. (But being dyslexic I may see things differently – most create a word by gathering letters and stacking them in a line. Each word to me has a distinct unique shape – a word design with shape, color, and tone – it’s meaning is icing)

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