A public apology to my car

old car afterA quick trip to my auto mechanic today revealed a startling fact: it’s been a YEAR since my last car’s oil change! I’m a terrible owner, and owe my rescue auto a huge apology.

It’s just, well, I’ve been busy.

I jump in the car, drive 50 miles, stop, drive on, and on, and on. Stop for fuel, then drive some more.

Day after day. Taking my wonderful car for granted.

But there’s more. I haven’t rotated the tires, either. The wheels make a weird sound. Which is why I brought my sweet transportation into the car doc today.

Tisk, tisk, I hear you, now.

Well, I deserve it. Public verbal flogging. And me a rescue-er. For shame!

I’ve got my eyes open for Car-ma. Totally aligning my calendar for the next RX visit, um-hmmm, ‘cause I need new tires.

Moving on, as long as my auto will allow me, to meetings, grandkiblet visits, grocery trips and everything else that fills my weeks, with one eye on the auto mechanic’s sticker for the next oil change.




  1. Oh, no! Changing the oil is one thing you should never neglect. It keeps your car’s engine happy. (Especially the miles you drive.) You need to schedule oil changes, brake checks, and tire checks on a regular basis. (Oh, and get a new battery every three years or so whether you think you need it or not.) Those are the safety musts. Do we need to send you email reminders? 😉

    1. Yes please, lol! I need a car assistant, and you sound perfectly organized for that!
      You bring great reminders for us all, thanks Annette!

    1. I was ok, thanks, Ralph. It happened about four years ago. Then I rescued the car I currently have and promised to car for it. We see how that played out, lol.

      1. Heehee ! I may have to put on my editorial head and sharpen my red pen Roxie. Say after me, “Care has an “e” on the end.” lol 😀

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