Get thee behind me, Gluten!


What, you ask, is this about?

G-free. You know that culprit lurking about in foods many cannot eat.

I hear anecdotes, jokes and disbelief. I see eye rolls. Well, it’s a real problem for me.

‘Nough said.

Recovery is a great road to travel on, and a horrible one to wish for. Just like with anything else health-related. The journey can kill.

However, I am not one to sit about with my limbs propped, whining about something.

Pragmatic, that’s what I am. Or if you view the synonym, hardheaded works, too.

Totally hardheaded.

But now after a rough relapse, I’m eating my gluten free pretzels and enjoying life again. This battle-worn body is moving. Forward.

“Wait for it,” as Barney (HIMYM) would say, “side five.”

Forward Focused™ – that’s what I am!



    1. They do! That’s exactly where I snagged my pretzels – $5 less than other stores!
      Thanks for bringing them up, people can shop, eat and be healthy on a minimal budget there.

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