Top Twos-Day Returns: Book Market Watch

not to be trusted in bookstore button

The momentum continues here, marching valiantly onward concerning things publishing, writing, reading, etc.

And for the lighter side, I bring back, Top Twos-Day (previous posts here):

Have you heard the serious criticism?  The newly released Go Set A Watchman, “is not a sequel or prequel to ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.'”

Brilliant Books in Michigan is offering readers their money back because of their disappointment in the way the book was advertised. The website posted a notice for readers to consider, “It is a first draft that was originally, and rightfully, rejected.”
Read more at the Minnesota Public Radio website here.

Continuing with bookstore news you may want to know about, Barnes and Noble site relaunch issues still plague users, “It has been partially back up since then but is not functioning at 100%,” wrote one reader. “We have been receiving and shipping out orders from Barnes & Noble since July 19th, but have still not been paid for any of them.” Consider this as you decide the fate of your book on these shelves.
Read the details at eCommerce Bytes

More Top Twos-Days…



  1. Hi Roxie,

    I got Go Set a Watchman for my birthday, but haven’t started reading it yet. I also have an old paperback of To Kill A Mockingbird on my bookcase. Do you think I should read Watchman or Mockingbird first?


    1. Ha! Very true, better than families, especially the know it all nephew or crass cousin! Libraries always build us up to become a better version of ourselves. Not sure families function like that. But of course, *wink* mine does…most of the time.

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