Address your address: SEO algorithms

inquiring seo algorithms

Whatcha selling?

Something tangible, like a book? Or perhaps a service, such as editing? Maybe you’re a photographer or an illustrator?

How do people find you? Your address is important, particularly if you have a brick and mortar structure. Also true online.

Last time I mentioned Search Engine Optimization, “Google and other algorithm-based search engines pick the first picture linked on a webpost and add that as clout during their balancing act.”  Read The New Hashtag: #CrazyCatLadyThatsMe

This time, let’s focus on how all the stars should line up and point in your direction. For that to happen, one hugely important consideration is your physical address. Somewhere you entered that bit of info, and as with everything in cyberspace, it’s still out there floating free.

Try an experiment: Google yourself, or what name you use for your site. Check using another search engine, perhaps Yahoo or Bing. I know, you may not use those, but others do.

And try opening different browsers, not just your favorites. Chrome, Foxfire and Cloud. Even the run-out-of-town Internet Explorer.

One last thing to think about when you look at your website: is it mobile friendly? The algorithms are different for that, too!

SEO Spider

The powers that be, search engines, sort through data, toss those inconsistencies and add up information to build webs. Interconnected thin webs that are fragile, though much stronger if they are available to mobile users.

Excuse me for dropping links, but I’m weaving a few threads in the web. Both for my company, Sunscribe, and my blog!

In the mood to investigate and learn more?

The Next Web describes Google’s mobile algorithm.

Search Engine Land has an awesome graphic, just like the periodic table!


6 thoughts on “Address your address: SEO algorithms

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  3. This is really useful info. The easier you are to be found on Google and other search engines, the better if you are trying to build fan base ( or just be the trendy popular blogger HA HA) Bookmarked so I can check the links later when not brain dead. Thanks

      • IF you are in business these days, it’s difficult to keep up with all the games the internet/search engines play – they love to switch things up and change what they do – but it all seems to be hinging on FB. Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media sights. Heaven help the one trying to keep up and has little time to spare on the keyboard!

        • You’re absolutely correct. And as writers, our business is writing! Many times our day is isolated, nary another peep in sight. Which is why, IMHO, many writers either feel left behind or go overboard with social media.
          I hope to share tips to consider that save time and optimize posts. Your thoughts are genuinely appreciated, Phil.

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