Advance Planning: SEO keys to forever

Yesterday I received an odd piece of snail mail: a survey from the nearby funeral home. Complete with a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

I’ll let that sink in a second.

advance planning here and hereafter
SEO planning: here and hereafter

Here’s a quote from the letter, “The funeral industry is changing rapidly…Our aim is not how many funerals we can do, but how much service we can provide on each funeral…Your answers will help determine where our future time and resources need to be focused.”

Need a minute?

Yeah, I did. Then I wondered, what exactly are they doing? Do they want to provide the best product albeit funeral, for the dollar? Connect with customers, or readers: relating to their target audience?

I shuddered as I let the letter slide out of my fingers and onto my counter. Then, ever the resourceful idea gal, I had it *snap*! The thought congealed like Aunt Tilde’s green Jell-o. This letter gave me the perfect example for today.

Customers search for us. Typically online.

Now, more than letting their fingers do the walking through old yeller pages (couldn’t resist), people search online.

Consider the keywords that people are using to search for you. What words come to mind about who you are? Are they the terms people use, or just what you think categorize your brand or product?

Google your ideal words, to see if your competitors pop up, and if not, check out what special terms they may be using that should be added to your list. Adjust accordingly. Repeat every 4-6 months to stay on trend.

Whether you are selling funeral packages, writing, artwork, or jewelry that will stand the test of time, use keywords that describe you and your services in terms that your target audience is familiar with, and is using during their searches. When in doubt, ask.

Speaking of, I haven’t decided if I will submit the survey. Something inside whispers that they might have assistants out their scoping out those submitters, ringing familiar to ambulance chasing lawyers. Or is that a fiction story waiting to be written?

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More next Friday – I feel a new habit forming!

Happy keywording!



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