Top Twos-Day: Dear Author, Seek Counsel!

Seek Counsel!
Seek Counsel!

In my contractual negotiations, I’ve always suggested people seek legal advice. It IS in your best interest to check with a lawyer. Pay for their counsel. And watch the law. Things change, fast! With that, I bring today’s top two:

It’s not often we see truth. Bold, sage advice, from a lawyer’s website, The Passive Voice. “No matter what experts tell you, no matter what trends, conventional wisdom, social media chatter or your friends in the Facebook writers group insist upon, do NOT write four books a year. I mean it. Don’t.” Awesome comments on this one, too! Check it out.

Have you seen an orphan work? The U.S. Copyright Office is deciding on what to do with these poor pieces defined as, “hundreds of millions of books, photographs, films, and other creations whose creators are unknown or can’t be located, but whose copyright protection is still in place. Because no one can figure out who has the right to give permission to use these works, they cannot be used.”

Sounds benign, right? Cory Doctorow recently shared thoughts about the changes in copyright laws. “The Copyright Office needs to hear why its proposal is a bad idea…an unworkable mess, filled with restrictions and gaps in coverage.” Doctorow’s open letter below the article explains more about the sordid sweep.

Did you know you that the Copyright Office is open until October 9, 2015, for your feedback? Read and find the comment link here.

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